February 28, 2014

About Us

We like the tale about author Victor Hugo. He was anxious to know about sales of his newly-published Les Miserables in 1862, so he sent a telegram to his publisher which read simply read: “?”

The concise and encouraging reply came back: “!”

When ColorNine launched in 2009, that’s what we wanted to do for clients: turn question marks into exclamation points.

With every client, we start at the question mark. Delving in to identify their unique situation, that process leads us to discover insights – the exclamation points – to move their business forward.

As a partner, we work through the arc of defining who the client is, deciding
where they’re headed and how to get them there… moving on to every new success after.

Our goal is to make clients better with us than they were before us. Traditionally you would call us a marketing agency. We prefer something more deconstructed. More to the heart. Simply – your creative partner.

Explore our work. Meet our people. JUST KEEP SCROLLING.